Enclosure ist a main part of Construction Hoist.

1. Construction Hoist Power box

Construction hoist power box is power supply place for construction hoist control part, and is on base frame guard rail.

2. Construction Hoist Base frame guard rail

Construction hoist base frame guard rail mainly consists of base frame, guard rail, guard rail door, and electricity box frame four parts.

The base frame is welded by bending plate and steel plate, and its periphery is connected with ground guard rail, the middle part is mast base. It can bear all loads from construction hoist. The base frame is fastened through bolt foundation frame during installation.

Guard rail: welded by bending plate, punching folded plate and steel plate, enclose the main part of construction hoist to form a closed region to make the personnel unable to enter the region during the operation of construction hoist. Guard rail door is on the entrance of base frame guard rail, and electromechanical interlocking device is available on the gate.

Guard rail door: welded by bending plate, profiles and punched plate. Guard rail door is the safety door for going in and out of the hoist, and door locking device is available. Threshold heights of cable collecting basket and cable trolly hoist are 480mm and 850mm.

Electricity box frame: welded by bending plate and steel plate; fit the power cabinet and support guard rail door.

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