Mast Section

Construction Hoist Mast Section: 

Mast Section is a main part of SC Construction Hoist.

We offer double and single rack mast section with hot galvanized surface treatment. 

Mast is the orbit for construction hoist, composed of 1508mm mast section through Grade 8.8 M24×230 high strength bolt connection (pre-tension torque for bolt installation shall not be less than 300N•m). Mast section is made up of welded seamless tube or welded tube, angle steel or cold-formed section steel, steel tube; mast section has rack (1 rack for single-cage mast section, 2 racks for double-cage mast section), 3 inner hexagon screws are used to fasten the rack, and the rack is removable.

Spigots are welded on the lower ends of 4 main chords of mast section; there is straight pin on the lower end of rack for accurate positioning when mast section is installed. Mast section main chord center distance dimension is 650×650mm square section. The mast is connected to the building through mast tie.

Mast section for construction hoist

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