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Custom Suspended Platform

We design the suspended access platform for your real needs.

Custom Suspended Platform Introduction:

We can design and make all kinds of special suspended platform to suit for any conditions and to meet special requirements proposed by the customers. Such as L leg single person platform, angled suspended platform, double deck platform, BMU gondola, single person suspended chair, circle suspended platform, movable end stirrup, ZLP350 suspended platform. 

Suspended platform is a kind of high attitude/high access construction machinery, it has different name in different countries. It is called swing stage in North America, and San treo gondola in Vietnam, and called фасадных подвесных площадок in Russia, and also called andamios colgantes or plataformas suspendidas in Spanish countries, such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Spain and so on.

We would like to highly recommend model ZLP350, it is L leg type and can carry 350kg load when it comes maximum 16m platform length. The most important, it is approved by CE worldwide and SII (The Standards Institution of Israel) in Israel market.

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